About Shellbourne Fuels

Shellbourne Fuels is a fuel enhancer and lubrication oil manufacturer that is becoming an iconic Canadian brand with illustrious history, outstanding quality and service, high integrity, countless devoted customers, great employees and partners and we hail from Canada.

The design of our products and the product development process is what has propelled Shellbourne Fuels to the #1 spot for Fuel Enhancers worldwide.

Our proprietary ingredients will always provide...

  • A 12 to 15% increase in MPG (km/lt) using only 87% Octane fuels and ....
  • A 6 to 8% increase for standard diesel fuel for on-road applications 
  • and a 4 to 6% increase for marine diesel applications.
  • A 17% increase in fuel lubricity for both diesel and gasoline yo minimize engine wear.
  • The maximum amount of B.T.U.'s essential for complete combustion.
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-gels plus evaporators are always blended into all of our enhancers.
  • A 60 to 75% decrease in tail pipe emissions that exceed all government mandates, including Tier 4 levels.

Outstrips our competition:

  • A package that outstrips our competition in Value, Savings, Superior enhancer designs, Innovation and Product Authenticity.
  • A fuel that will not set up or gel resulting in added expenses and down time.
  • A further increase of 1 to 1.5% if you use Shellbourne Fuels' semi-synthetic lubricating oils.

Around the World

Shellbourne Fuels are now sold in Canada, the U.S., throughout Europe, the Caribbean, China, Central America and the Middle East.

We supply the automotive, motorcycle, marine and industrial sectors with a variety of fuel systems cleaners, fuel enhancers for both gasoline and diesel applications and a full range of engine lubricants.

Our Integrity:

One Hundred Percent (100%) of Shellbourne Fuels product lines meet and exceed both North American and European grading and quality standards.

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