Shellbourne Fuels Helps the Environment

SHELLBOURNE's Gasoline and Diesel fuel enhancers along with our proprietary 2 stroke oils are all registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.).

Our products O.E.M. compatible for all applications, especially suited for replacing power losses noticeable in hybrid vehicles under load.

The E.P.A. and Environment Canada, are placing higher standards on the emissions into our environment.

With continued use, “tailpipe” emissions, unfriendly to our environment, will be reduced up to 75%, greatly reducing the “carbon & water footprint” of the vehicle.

In diesel engines, the “black smoke & particulate” emissions are also reduced.

The E.P.A. and Environment Canada are continually monitoring air quality.

This is an appreciated and necessary protocol, to assist and protect our environment as well as us.

It is increasingly important, especially with the increases in population, automobiles, and increases in industrialization.

Together, these factors contribute to the already dangerous levels of harmful global emissions.

Monitoring tailpipe output and its associated health issues, is a very progressive step.

Developing and putting to market, a fuel enhancer designed to both decrease emissions, and increase kilometers per liter, is a great support technique to ultimately battle pollution from both gasoline and diesel engines.

All SHELLBOURNE products have an M.S.D.S. CLASSIFICATION, as “combustible” while competitive products are either “flammable” or “explosive”.

This safer classification translates into easier shipping and safe storage.

SHELLBOURNE fuel enhancers, can be used and accepted by the global community.

The SHELLBOURNE line of products are generating national and international interest, due to these important attributes and benefits. 

We are the only Company that has an E.P.A. registrations issued Sept. 20th-2007 for marine fuel enhancers and combustible 2 stroke oils.