Gasoline Category - Automotive:

1) Fuel enhancer(s): Increase mileage by 12 - 15% (regular octane & high performance grades.)

2) Fuel line cleaner(s): Complete system cleaner - tank to injectors -eliminates condensation- fuel, bacteria, carbon accumulations, encapsulates water and cleans plugs. FOR DIRECT INJECTION ISSUES.

3) Lubricating oils: multi-grade 17% semi-synthetic-Zinc, Phosphorous, Titanium and Nitrous options.

4) Hybrid vehicle fuel catalysts to provide improved engine torque under load.

5) Methanol injection fluid: 99.9% RESEARCH GRADE methanol (high purity) & distilled water.

6) Fuel Stabilizers: Designed to eliminate the effects of air to fuel-storage to 8-Months. 

7) E-85: for street and track use.

8) Industrial grade high-purity methane for racing.

9) Leaded and unleaded fuels:  96 to 177 Alcohols are octane equivalency.

Gasoline Category - Marine:

1) Fuel enhancer(s): 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke Lines - regular octane & high octane performance grades. Decreases emissions by 12 to 15%.

2) Fuel line cleaner: with moisture evaporator.

3) Anti-fungal-bacteria- fuel stabilizer(s): 2-Stroke & 4-stroke applications.

4) 4-Stroke lubricating oils: inboard & outboard applications.

5) 2-Stroke oil(s): TCW-3, semi-synthetic and fully-synthetic blends from 25 to 100:1 ratios.


1) Fuel enhancers: upgraded cetane values & high performance ingredients plus anti-fungal-bacteria-gel and anti oxidants. Increases mileage by 6 to 8%.

2) Aggressive fuel system cleaners and fuel tank flush solvents. EUROPEAN FORMULA.

3. Lubricating oils: multi-grades, carbon-based, 17% semi-synthetic, and fully synthetic grades are available.

  • 15W-40CJ-4-CK-4
  • 10W-30
  • 20W-50
  • 5W-40
  • straight 30-50-60 & 70
  • nitrous blends 
  • long-life extenders

All of our oils have 24% added lubricity.


We sell a:

  • complete line-up of carbon, semi-synthetic, an fully-synthetic oils, plus some 100% Nano technology oils.
  • full line-up of 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke oils with improved flash-points, both meet and exceed all manufacturers' performance standards.

Our carbon, semi and fully synthetic oils including our Nano technology oils are selling at 30% less/liter than other manufacturers' grades.

  • complete line-up of gear oils, transmission fuels and greases - some lithium-based.
  • Glycols concentrated only - a full selection of both automotive and commercial applications, gas  and diesel green and long-life red.

D.E.F. - Diesel mission Fluid-

Good to minus-12-degrees NOT 0 degrees - 8% more efficiency.

Canadian Volumes not U.S.:

1 Imperial Gallon = 4.546 Liters NOT 
a U.S. measure of 3.78 Liters = 16.71% less.

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