Shellbourne Fuels

Shellbourne Fuels is a manufacturer that is an iconic Canadian brand with a +15-Year illustrious history, outstanding quality and service, high integrity, countless devoted customers, great employees and partners and products that are made in Canada.

The design of our products and the product development process is what has propelled Shellbourne Fuels to the #1 spot for fuel catalysts worldwide for cars and trucks as well as stationary gasoline or diesel powered engines.

Shellbourne Fuels, unique to most other Firms in the industry, sought and obtained and retains to this day:

  • E.P.A. Registered since 2007
  • WHMIS since 2006 
  • ISO 9001/ISO 14001 Standards

Custom Made Performance Fuels & Oils

  • 96 to 123 Octane Fuels (Leaded & Unleaded
  • Ethanol & Alcohol Blends (E-85  E-100  200 PROOF
  • Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Enhancers & Conditionars
  • Pure Methanex & Methanex Blends
  • Straight Grade Oils & Blends (Carbon, Semi-Synthetic, Fully Synthetic)