Motorcycle and Scooter Applications 

SHELLBOURNE- 2 Cycle Oil Enhancer

Water Cooled Engine Oil

Lubricating Oil

  • Multi- mix injector oil and 2 stroke oil- 50:1 premix to 100:1
  • Marine and air cooled lubricant
  •  Certified Premium TC-W3 approvals
  • Superb performance with DFI, EFI and carbureted fuel systems
  • Meets API-TC, JASO FB, and JASO FC exhaust smoke certifications
  • A combination of lubricants and fuel catalysts to improve engine efficiency 
  • Meets all horsepower requirements-outboards-inboards and snow machines 
  • Designed for use with high quality gasoline and regular octane levels 
  • Ashless dispersant oil that meets all engine manufacturers requirements 
  • Reduces exhaust emissions by 80 -90 % 
  • Improves throttle response and nautical miles per liter (gallon) 
  • Cold temperature protection to -45C  (-49F ) 
  • Odorless 
  • Natural color – no dye added 
  • Low smoke formula 
  • Reduces fuel tank moisture and condensation

E.P.A.  Registered  # 212720005

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