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Shellbourne Fuels has been blending a variety of lubricating oils for many years.

With the introductions of new engine designs, increased engine operating temperatures and the onslaught of bio fuels for both diesel and gasoline powered equipment, as a manufacturer we must be able to design, test and implement new oil enhancements almost daily.

Blending lubricating oils that maintain engine cleanliness is essential.

Flushing cylinder walls, removing metal wear and combustion deposits has always been necessary.

Lubricating properly in every situation and environment has never been easy.

In order to combat premature oil fatigue and yet satisfy an engine’s oil requirements, Shellbourne Fuels manufacturers strictly SEMI-SYNTHETIC oils.

A proprietary blend of carbon based and synthetics formulated to combat the ill effects of bio fuels (alcohol based).


Shellbourne Fuels manufactures lubricating oils that have 24% more lubricity than standard carbon based oils.

We solve the runaway oil issues of fully synthetic oils, that disappear on engine surfaces as a consequence of prolonged high temperature runs and yet our oils provide for immediate start up in cold weather environments.

Our oil blends minimize oil delivery times and subsequent dry surface wear.

Our oil’s are fully backwards compatible for use in older engines and designed to meet the performance requirements of any engine manufacturer.

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Manufacturers' Engine OIL Warrantees May Be Bogus

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