Shellbourne Fuels 2-Stroke Oil

Shellbourne 2-Stroke Oil is a high quality lubricant designed specifically for the unique demands of 2 cycle engines.

These oils meet the latest specifications including TC-W3.

Shellbourne 2-Stroke Oil utilizes quality virgin base oils combined with the latest in additive technology.

These products provide the highest levels of equipment protection available for both land and water applications.

Typical Properties:

  • Kinematic 2 StrokeViscosity, c ST @ 40Degrees C 45.
  • @100Degrees C 7.9Viscosity Index 143
  • Pour Point Degrees C -45
  • Cold Crank (Brookfield) 11,620@-40C
  • Density@15 Degrees C, kg/m3 .880
  • Sulfated Ash, wt % Nil


Shellbourne 2-Stroke Oil is recommended for the following applications:-

  • When TA, TB, TC- W, TC- WII, TC-W3 or TD oil standards are required. 
  • Meets & exceeds both domestic and foreign machine manufacturer’s requirements.

Product Features:

* Excellent protection from deposits
* Excellent bearing corrosion protection
* Excellent anti-wear, anti-foam and antirust properties
* Low Ash
* Continual high R.P.M. applications

* The only 2-Stroke Oil with an E.P.A. registration designation
* Presented and Launched in 2007 M.A.A.T.S. Las Vegas, Nevada

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