Marine Fuel Enhancers
Beneficial Effects

In 2007, Shellbourne Fuels– Canada engineered a marine fuel enhancer that modified distillate or lower viscosity marine fuels that could mimic heavier fuels.

In 2008, we pushed the development of even better-quality standards to reduce our customers’ operating costs.

We were well aware that proper shipboard treatment of marine residual fuels was essential for reliable and efficient engine performance.

Shellbourne Fuels is more than consistent with regards to the global movements to reduce emissions for the benefit of the climate and the environment.

Additionally, in 2008, we changed our solvent blends and eliminated the use of dry catalysts that have always been considered responsible for fuel abrasion difficulties, substituting only biodegradable solvent blends that immediately entered into solution with standard marine diesel.

The results were immediate with reductions in NOX, SOX and particulate emissions by 60 – 75%.

Our Corporate drive is to permit shipping to become more sustainable.

Our entire marine fuel line-up incorporates anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-gels and anti-oxidants.

Methyl-hydrate is also part of our solvent blend to mix with sea-water stocks.

Additionally, fluorescent leak detectors are incorporated into our fuel enhancer to assist with leak detection in and around fuel storage tanks.

Maintaining consistent rates of combustion is essential to the success of an innovative marine fuel enhancer.

Our treatment ratio regardless of the fuel grade is 1 oz. or 36.25 ml, / 15 gallons Canadian.

The operating cost to treat 15 gallons is less than $1.00.

Shellbourne Fuels has offices and facilities across Canada,

the United States and Europe.

Since 1970, we have entered the marketplace with two objectives in mind. Our first objective was to expand our customer base and the second obtained Official E.P.A. registrations as it relates to premium fuel enhancers.

In 2007, Shellbourne Fuels became the first marine grade manufacturer to gain E.P.A. registrations for gasoline, diesel and 2-stroke oil enhancers specifically modeled around international marine standards.

Shellbourne Fuels would appreciate the opportunity to supply and service any marine fuel customer interested in improving performance, saving fuel costs and reducing engine and fuel-related operating expenses.

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