Technical Data – Gasoline

We have improved the quality of both good and mediocre fuels. The calorific values of most hydro-carbon fuels, is around 44-46 MJ/kg.

Shellbourne Fuels has been able to raise an average fuel’s energy level an additional 3.5%.

Our enhancers are combustibles, not a flammable or an explosive.

A treatment ratio of 1 oz. of Shellbourne Fuel enhancers, treat 60 liters of gasoline. The octane value of a customer’s gasoline purchase is never modified by the addition of our enhancers.

The efficiencies associated with Shellbourne Fuel enhancerses is a result of fuel treatment and modifications to the molecular structure of fuels.

Adjusting or modifying octane levels will not improve engine efficiencies, or contribute to improved kilometers per liter, or assist in the reduction of harmful emissions.

Improved increases of 12 to 15 kilometers per liter will always be gained from the continued usage of our enhancers, when the exact treatment ratio is applied.

It is essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended octane requirements of your vehicle, and to evaluate your results based upon identical driving conditions.

We have created more fuel energy in every explosion. Heat and pressure, along with the adequate amount of Shellbourne Fuel enhancer, will modify the gasoline molecules to the short – chain format necessary, for added energy.

Shellbourne Fuels will dramatically modify low speed torque which will benefit economy.

This benefit will be quickly noticed by owners of vehicles with manual or automatic transmissions allowing owners to drive in a higher gear at lower R.P.M’s.

Shellbourne Fuels tunes its fuel enhancers seasonally.

A necessary move based on humidity, air temperatures and air density.

Fuel evaporation affects the boiling characteristics of fuels and ultimately can have a negative effect on starting in both hot and cold environments, and importantly can negatively in crease emissions in each case.

Shellbourne Fuels has been formulated to reduce tail pipe emissions by approximately 60- 75%.

Our enhancers will never alter or harm a vehicle’s catalytic converter.

The exhaust gases do not coat the platinum, rhodium or the palladium used in catalytic converters.

Shellbourne Fuel enhancers will enhance catalytic reduction of NOX, CO and HC.

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