Grease & Gear Oil
Automotive & Off-Road Applications

"Best grease I've ever seen in +40 years of racing." A Porsche Racer

Shellbourne Fuels’ Grease properties:

  • Multi-Purpose.
  • Contains a Viscosity and Leak Indicator to provide advance warning of possible boot or tooth friction wear.
  • Extreme pressure durability.
  • Lithium Complex.
  • NLGI GC-LB Certified.
  • Lubrication for automotive and industrial equipment under heavy loads and at moderate to high temperatures.
  • Wheel-bearing applications and chassis lubrication.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Excellent resistance to water washout.

We have had an excellent response to it by Porsche Canada.

GEAR OIL: (plus optional extreme motoring additive package)

Shellbourne Fuels is the ONLY semi-synthetic gear oil manufacturer.

  • Contains a leak indicator as a maintenance factor.
  • Has 17% more lubricity than a standard carbon-based oil thus providing extended-wear characteristics to the oil – Necessary where excessive heat is generated due to performance rides.

We have made special gear oil blends for Porsche racers after they requested Shellbourne Fuels’ involvement. 


For extreme motoring, Shellbourne Fuels offers an additional additive package where 1 liter treats 20 liters and contains a leak indicator.

Snow Machines:

80 W-90 Semi-synthetic gear oil


75 W-140 high-performance for limited-slip applications

Custom blends available on request

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