About Methanol Manufactured
by Shellbourne Fuels

(1) AN M.S.D.S. sheet is always provided to every purchaser to verify ingredients.

(2) Made in Canada - Ontario

(3) Made 48 hours prior to the delivery or pick-up schedule.

(4) Nitrogen pumped to guarantee 99.9 % purity without the presence of moisture and condensation.

(5) 208 liter pump volumes.

(6) Colored light red to indicated moisture contents after opening

(7) Built in leak detector for safety reasons.

(8) .1 % of proprietary oxygenator to improve initial start up

(9) New barrels with nickel liner to prevent fuel oxygenation after opening-208 liter sizes only

(10) Hydrogen catalysts to improve the value of combustion

(11) All 20 Liter / 5 gallon metal pails:

  • are treated inside,
  • all the lids are also treated, and
  • · seals are F 217 compounds to prevent leakage and a barrier for moisture
  • Include pouring spout and metal handle.

(12) All Containers are Canadian Measure. [20% More than U.S.A. Measure.]

All containers are labeled to reflect North American standards.

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