Octane Enhancer For Older Engines

Shellbourne Fuels recognizes that today's fuels are

not totally applicable to older engines.


Designing and manufacturing a fuel enhancer specifically for older engines is not simple.

A fuel enhancer where 1 Liter (32 FL. OZ) treats 20 Liters (5 Imperial Gallons) brings 87 Octane pump fuel to 91 Octane instantly where...

  1. 32% reduced friction metal-on-metal surfaces.
  2. Contains an extraction solvent to displace metal dusting.
  3. Reduced oil storage oxidayion.
  4. Improved combustion characteristics as a result of anti-foaming agents.
  5. 4% increase in available Motor Octane Numbers (M.O.N. #'s)
  6. Neutralizes ethanol.
  7. Stops 90% of normal communication process between oils & fuels. i.e. prolongs oil life.
  8. Easier warn-up times.
  9. Extends fuel life expectancy by 3-months. 
  10. Refined engine response in 5-minutes.


Shellbourne Fuel standards exceed every other fuel manufacturers' standards and assurances.

Our products meet and exceed all new and used vehicle manufacturer standards worldwide.

Shellbourne Fuels does not make an additive. We only manufacture fuel enhancers that require E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) registrations to manufacture and market to the Public.

We only use medical grade solvents, carriers and catalysts to guarantee a 99.9% purity of ingredients. We only use containers, lids (child-proof) and labeling/box materials that are 100% recyclable.

All of our fuel enhancers, for both gasoline and diesel applications are designed to:

  • Provide added fuel lubricity,
  • Avoid the negative effects of ethanol and bio-fuel additives and...
  • Incorporate conditions to add safety factors as a delaying product freezing, anti-oxidants to maintain freshness and boost the caloric value of both fuels to provide end-users a good improvement in fuel efficiency over the regular quality of pump fuels currently available.

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