Shellbourne Fuels’
Racing Program


Shellbourne Fuels custom-builds Race Fuel tailored to Customer specifications per the DEVELOPMENTAL RACING FUEL DATA SHEET they provide. (Request your copy below)


Here is why our methanol gets you to the podium. click


Along with the Race Fuel, Customer should use Shellbourne Fuels’ High Performance Fully Synthetic Race Oil with ZDDP to reduce engine wear.

The oil is designed to work with the fuel as its Specific Gravity is different from the fuel, thus assuring no oil-fuel communication.

It is anti-foaming and has a leak-detector that is visible day and night.

The oil is sold in 20L / 5 Gallon racing jugs. An empty 1-Liter container is supplied for portability.


Shellbourne Fuels has the best engine coolant on the market.


· Keeps the oil cooler;

· Reduces exhaust temperature by 15%

· Contains NO glycol.

It is premixed and is available in 4.546 (1 Gallon) Jugs.

Racing fuels are custom-blended to your engine. Records are maintained so re-orders, if nothing has been changed, will be identically blended - at no additional cost.

Your first step is to provide us with the DEVELOPMENTAL RACING FUEL DATA SHEET

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