Shellbourne Fuels is the only Company that manufactures an array of fuel enhancers that are specifically designed to provide both torque and horsepower to modified street vehicles, bikes and recreational equipment.

+40 years Direct Manufacturing Knowledge

The ability to manufacture a line-up of various liquid enhancers for both 2 stroke and 4 stroke applications comes from over 40 years of direct manufacturing knowledge.

Shellbourne Fuels fuel treatments are designed to treat 87 octane or 91 octane pump fuels. 

The treatments neutralize the negative and long-term effects of ethanol and provide fuel energy that varies based upon the treat ratios applied.

Every litre will treat up to 80 litres of your base fuel and has the capability of increasing the octane number from 5 numbers up to 21 numbers.

Considerably less expensive than prepared race fuel and the results are remarkable.

Shellbourne Fuels is the only custom fuel manufacturer in North America.

We not only supply the majority of the top racers but, hold more winning podium positions than any other fuel manufacture.

We are the only race fuel manufacturer that also makes a full line of racing oils and fuels.

Every event is different and our fuel enhancer in with active catalysts will adjust themselves continually
yielding 100% success.


The strategy and sophistication of our proprietary blend is accomplished by blending solvents and carriers with medical grade purity of 99.9% and incorporating liquid catalysts that attach to the finish fuel with dense oxygen and hydrogen.

  • Maintaining a perfect fuel to air ratio is essential in creating a combustion medium that guarantees engine reliability.
  • Using oxygenates avoids irregular ignition points (often announced  as illegal fuel), and failure to properly mix with 2-stroke oils and quickly damages lubricating oils.   

Not using oxygenates is absolutely a misguided approach to a professional racing strategy.

Additionally, we minimize the communications of our fuels and oils by intentionally modifying the specific gravity of both products.

Air density, elevation above sea level and air temperatures play an essential role in a fuels success and our enhancers modify their requirements when blended with air.

Common Sense Strategy to Winning:

This successful format and product design yields performance and utilizing both fuels and oils from a single manufacture that has a complete understanding of the fuels and oil industry is the common sense approach to winning and equipment longevity.