Technical Data – Diesel

Shellbourne Fuels, for diesel applications, provides properties that substantially improve the performance quality, of good or mediocre fuels.

Adding our enhancers to fuel, provides major savings in fuel consumption and equipment maintenance.

The Diesel Enhancer improves combustion, so that toxic emissions released into the air, are greatly reduced.


1. Keeps fuel and delivery systems in peak condition
2. Can be used in all diesel engines
3. No mechanical adjustments needed
4. Improves engine combustion and performance
5. Greatly reduces fuel consumption
6. Dramatically reduces smoke and polluting exhaust
7. Keeps injectors and filters clean
8. Adds more power to the engine
9. Eliminates carbon deposits
10. Reduces or eliminates black smoke
11. Reduces maintenance costs
12. Purges sludge and water buildup
13. Reduces noises and increases engine power

Continued Usage of Our Diesel enhancer

-Keeps internal engine parts clean and improves equipment life.
-Ensures a 60–75% reduction in black smoke and emissions, after treating two tanks with 68 liters or 15 gallons sequentially, with Shellbourne Diesel Enhancer. (Dosage detail)

Product Summary

Our Diesel Enhancer was designed in 2007 for usage in diesel fueled trucks, a variety of diesel fueled equipment and marine applications regardless of horsepower requirements and engine displacement:

  • construction vehicles,
  • tractors, 
  • locomotives 

and stationary land based diesel engines such as:

  • generators
  • compactors
  • pumps and other diesel equipment. 

Our target and goal:

To solve problems due to the loss of lubricity caused by sulphur reduction, and create additional torque as well as satisfy engine horsepower requirements.