Shellbourne Marine Grade Oils Recognized in 2007

Shellbourne Fuels is a Canadian Company that manufactures:

  • marine fuel enhancers, 
  • outboard and inboard lubricating oils that are 17% semi-synthetic, 
  • 2 stroke oils designed for different applications, seasonal varieties of fuel system prep solutions and 
  • a fuel storage tank prep wash for gasoline, various grades of diesel fuels, and bunker oil.

Recognition at M.A.A.T.S.

In 2007, at the M.A.A.T.S. show in Nevada, Shellbourne Fuels was acknowledged and assigned registration certificates for their proprietary development of Marine grade oils and fuel catalysts.

From that point on, we have striven to manufacture marine products that target existing problems for fuels, fuel systems and oils.

We‘ve fought to fill the needs of engine manufacturers and additionally we have also maintained a straight face with regards to the numerous changes the governments have introduced to fuel ingredients and equipment additives to reduce exhaust emissions.

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